Police say Ferguson protesters are threatening their family members with violence

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Activists are not only threatening police officers in Ferguson, Mo., but are also threatening their families.

That’s the claim being made by officers in the St. Louis area and it is adding to an already tense atmosphere between protesters and police, according to the local CBS affiliate KMOV.

“They [activists] want to be unabated in their attacks against law enforcement, mistreatment of facts and in their threats against law enforcement,” said Jeff Roorda of the St. Louis Police Officers Association. “These are people calling for violence against police officers.”

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A protester, identified as a member of the New Black Panthers, was captured on video Monday in front of the Ferguson Police Department saying to police, “You kill us, we kill you.”

The union leader pointed to one officer from the St. Louis Police Department under investigation for allegedly contacting the employer of a protester.

KMOV reported:

Roorda said that officer is currently the target of threats and is among the list of cops receiving a steady stream of threats. He added that the family of the officer is also receiving threats along with cyber-attacks for expressing his opinion.

It has been over two months since 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson police officer and frustration with the antics of protesters is growing, according to KMOV.

But organizers say otherwise.

“We’re peaceful, peaceful people,” protest organizer Kennard Williams told KMOV. “We won’t let somebody who has a bad attitude give us a bad name or try to give us a bad name.”

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