Ebola Czar stinks! You know we’re in trouble when Piers Morgan makes more sense than Obama

President Obama tapped loyal Democratic operative and lobbyistRon Klain on Friday to be his Ebola czar. A move that evenPiers Morgan couldn’t help but mock. You don’t […]

Dylan Thomas
Man goes on vacation, returns home with a spider in his stomach

Talk about something getting under your skin. After an innocent vacation getaway, an Australian man claims that a spider returned home with him – in his stomach! […]

Feds install fences along New Mexico’s borders – to protect endangered mice

The fencing is up. The next question is whether the fighting is over. In reaction to the listing of the meadow jumping mouse as an endangered species, […]

Oreilly Stewart
‘Are you a moron?’ Watch O’Reilly clobber Jon Stewart on white privilege

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly schooled comedian Jon Stewart on white privilege Thursday, pointing out that Asian-Americans are better off financially than whites. Appearing on Stewart’s “The Daily […]

‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ ‘racist’ lyrics rewritten; ‘are we going to ban the color black?’

Kindergartens in one Australian state have re-written the lyrics to the classic nursery rhyme “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” out of concerns that the use of the word […]

Rejected! President Obama’s credit card declined at NYC restaurant; guess who paid the bill?

The Obamas almost had to “dine and dash” out of a New York restaurant after the president’s credit card was rejected during his recent trip to address […]

Police say Ferguson protesters are threatening their family members with violence

Activists are not only threatening police officers in Ferguson, Mo., butare also threatening their families. That’s the claim being made by officers inthe St. Louis area and […]

Sting sings phone ringtones; records awesome outgoing phone message for random fan

Sting showed off his incredible singing skills on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” keeping it real with phone ringtones. Jimmy Fallon chose a few popular tones and cued the […]

British boob Russell Brand humiliated in front of Fox News’ HQ, threatened with arrest

British royal painRussell Brand is infamous for his recent obsession, bashing Fox News, but he ran into some trouble while trying to film one of his sadistic […]

Ted Cruz stands with Houston pastors over sermon subpoenas; fires up Twitter with rad photo

As fair-minded Americans continue to reel from the unprecedented move by the city of Houston to bully and intimidate pastors, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has stepped […]

teacher slam
Video: Provoked teacher snaps, attacks student, threatens to kill her, slams her into locker

A fight between an East Balti teacher and her student bre out Friday resulting in assault charges for the female teen. According to several angles of video […]

‘Fan-gate’ rocks Fla. gubernatorial debate: Dem violates rules, but Republican gets smeared

Much has been made about the presence of a fan during a debate between Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his Democratic opponent Charlie Crist, with the story […]