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‘Whiteness Project’ takes honest look at being white in America — so why do race baiters hate it?

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A new documentary discussing the trials and tribulations of being white in America is causing a stir on social media.

The Whiteness Project,” by filmmaker Whitney Dow, endeavors to give whites a platform in the debate about race other than apologizing. The goal is to interview 1,000 whites from all across America and air the package on PBS. So far the interviews have only been conducted in Buffalo, NY.

While many have decried these videos as whites being racist, those interviewed see it from another perspective according to The Daily Mail.

“It’s my opinion that today the white race is the one that’s discriminated against,” said one man in the video.

“There should be more white people speaking up and talking about white people.” said another man.

The backlash in the Twitterverse has been fierce.

Would there have been the same reaction — or anywhere close — to a similar project about black, Hispanic or Native American pride?

Carmine Sabia


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