When a town ordered a business to move its flags, it didn’t expect this

Businesses in a Florida town are proudly showing their red, white and blue after a local shop was ordered to move the miniature Stars and Stripes it displayed to satisfy a right-of-way problem.

It started when a hardware store employee in Cape Coral was asked by the city to remove his small American flags from the sidewalk.

Jeff Verzi of Family Hardware told Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” that he was simply trying to honor all those who have served including his own family members.

“Every time I look out the door and I see the flags flying in the wind, it just makes me feel like my family is standing beside me,” said Verzi.

The city said the flags were violating a “right of way” ordinance but could be displayed if they were moved onto the store’s property.

Verzi contends that the flags, which are only 12 inches high, pose no threat.

Now, the dispute has inspired other area businesses to show their solidarity with Verzi by placing flags outside of their shops.

“There is so much support out there that other businesses are flying the flags. Everywhere I go, people come up to me and say ‘thank you’ for standing up for what is right,” said Verzi.

Check out Verzi’s interview on “Fox & Friends” here.


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