Michelle Obama calls her husband’s voters ignorant and lazy

If Republicans had said what Michelle Obama just did about her own husband’s voters, they’d be burned at the stake.

Apparently anticipating problems with Democrat turnout on Election Day,  Obama seems to think she knows what the issue is: Democrat voters are ignorant and lazy.

Michelle Obama smallThe first lady was speaking Wednesday at a campaign rally for the Democrat candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, when she said Democrat voters too often feel that they have more important things to do than vote – like sleeping.

That’s if they even realize that there’s an election being held at all.

In fact, Obama appeared unsure that her audience, presumably there to see her and the candidates running for office, even knew that there was a midterm election coming up.

This is the same demographic, remember, that put her husband over the top in the general elections of 2008 and 2012.

“See, but then when the midterms came along — which is where we are now — too many of our people just tuned out,” she told the crowd.

This ignorance, apparently, would not surprise the first lady. It would seem that she has encountered it before.

“And sometimes, folks just aren’t informed about the issues at stake in this election.  Sometimes, they just don’t know how to make their voices heard on Election Day.  Some folks don’t even know there are midterm elections,” Obama said.

Other comments suggested that the first lady has been meeting people on the campaign trail who, in addition to being ignorant, just don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of voting.

“So this is where — when I find people who are like, ‘no, I ain’t going to vote,’ or ‘I couldn’t wake up,’ or ‘it doesn’t matter,’ or ‘why?’” she said.

In case anyone thought that was a slip, or merely a flippant remark, Obama later doubled down on her concern that Democrats might actually sleep through Election Day.

“That nephew you know who sleeps — get him up.  Wake him up.  Young people, you all know folks who aren’t paying attention.  Your classmates, your dorm mates — wake them up, get them out.”

It hardly bears mentioning that a Republican who dared label Democrat voters as either oblivious or indolent – never mind both – would be flayed alive by the mainstream media.

As usual, Michelle gets a pass from the press, but why her audience puts up with such insults is unfathomable.

Maybe they weren’t really paying attention. They could probably stand to catch up on their sleep.

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