Ho, ho, ho! Feds want to declare your Christmas lights illegal

The government is after your Christmas tree lights.

A proposed rule detailing a new set of safety standards that holiday lights would have to meet before being sold in the United States was published Thursday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Christmas Tree smallIf adopted, the new rule would require that products meet a minimum wire gauge, a “strain relief” standard to ensure wire won’t break when twisted during normal use, or “overcurrent protection” to prevent wires from overheating, according to The Blaze.

Products must meet at least one of these standards or be banned from import into or sale in the United States under the proposed guidelines.

The rule could affect up to $500 million in annual imports of holiday lighting, the CPSC told The Blaze, but it is “likely” that “well in excess of 90 percent” of imports already meet the standard.

Translation: there is no good reason for this new federal regulation.

The rule is designed to prevent serious injury or even death, according to its language as reported by The Blaze. However, the average number of annual deaths caused by holiday lights has already dropped by over 90 percent in recent years.

Translation: there is still no good reason for this new federal regulation.

In summary, the federal government is imposing new safety guidelines on a half-billion dollar industry that already follows them and in the process adding unnecessary costs and complications.

Translation: business as usual for Washington bureaucrats in the Obama era.


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