Jeff Verzi
When a town ordered a business to move its flags, it didn’t expect this

Businesses in a Florida town are proudly showing their red, white and blue after a local shop was ordered to move the miniature Stars and Stripes it […]

GUILTY!: Public scorn forces author John Grisham to apologize for child porn remarks

Author John Grisham has made himself a giant of the publishing industry with fast-paced legal bestsellers take readers into the heart of the law, but he’s now […]

Armed lawmaker fights off armed robber — and he’s a Democrat!

At least one Democrat “gets it” when it comes to the Second Amendment. On Tuesday night, Pennsylvania state Reps. Marty Flynn and Ryan Bizzarro — both Democrats […]

Staff Sgt. Travis Mills
‘Lt. Dan’ deeply moved when a wounded vet calls to say ‘thanks’ on the air

Actor Gary Sinise has a long, rich history of being an advocate for America’s servicemen and women, especially those who’ve been wounded in action. The man best known […]

Michelle Obama calls her husband’s voters ignorant and lazy

If Republicans had said what Michelle Obama just did about her own husband’s voters, they’d be burned at the stake. Apparently anticipating problems with Democrat turnout on […]

Ho, ho, ho! Feds want to declare your Christmas lights illegal

The government is after your Christmas tree lights. A proposed rule detailing a new set of safety standards that holiday lights would have to meet before being […]

‘OH HELL NO!’ Outrage meets Obama plan to send Natl. Guard to Liberia to fight Ebola

The president who’s made executive orders a hallmark of his governing style is about to do it again. This time to send the citizen soldiers of the […]

Ben Carson wallops Hillary Clinton in fundraising; momentum growing for White House run

It’s safe to say things are looking up for retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and may get even better as reports say he’s about to announce a run […]

Man sues surgery center after waking up wearing pink panties

A Delaware man found something he didn’t bargain for when he woke up after a colonoscopy at his surgical center. A pair of pink women’s underwear. On […]

‘Whiteness Project’ takes honest look at being white in America — so why do race baiters hate it?

A new documentary discussing the trials and tribulations of being white in America is causing a stir on social media. “The Whiteness Project,” by filmmaker Whitney Dow, […]

Texas Hosp
Newly released files: White House turned a deaf ear to Ebola warnings from the start

In what has become a common theme, the Obama administration appears to have ignored the advice of experts on how to better safeguard the country from threats […]

Conservative star shreds Obama’s hapless, nanny-state CDC: It’s overreaching, not underfunded

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin has been a piercing voice for sanity since the dreamy days of Obama’s first election, but her column this week shredding the Centers […]