Maybe Greg Abbott is lying about being disabled: NBC host outed as ‘wheelchair truther’

Greg Abbott, the Republican nominee for governor in Texas, has been in a wheelchair since 1984, after being partially paralyzed when struck by a falling tree while jogging.

But NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell does not seem to be convinced that the injury is real.

Wendy Davis, the Democratic opponent in the race, is taking a lot of heat for a controversial ad the Houston Chronicle editorial board said came across as “a glib attack on Abbott for using a wheelchair.”

On Tuesday, Davis turned to the friendly confines of NBC News to defend the ad, and was asked about it by Mitchell.

“Could you have gone after what you see as his hypocrisy by pointing out what he did in that rape case, what he did in these other cases, without the stark image of the empty wheelchair, which seemed to be trying to point people towards his own supposed disability?” Mitchell asked.

In classifying Abbott’s injury as a “supposed disability,” does Mitchell believe he has been faking it for the past 30 years as part of some brilliant plot to one day be governor? Should the Republican be forced to prove he is a paraplegic?

More likely, the comment tips Mitchell’s hand on just how biased she is in her reporting.

Meanwhile, Twitter lit up with accusations of her being a “wheelchair truther.” How can you not love social media? Here are a few of the tweets:

Tom Tillison


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