Sen. Marco Rubio: Obama ‘out of touch’, ISIS cannot be ‘simply defeated’

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., had harsh words Monday for the Obama administration’s handling of the Middle East, telling Fox News Monday that ISIS cannot be ‘simply defeated.’

“The problem is that this conflict is moving much faster than our ability to identify, train, equip and place in the field these rebel elements, or anybody for that matter,” Rubio told Martha McCallum on “America’s Newsroom.” “IS is not going to sit around and wait for us to train the rebels. By the time they’re ready to go, it may be too late.”

Rubio said that the lack of concern in comments made by John Kerry about the potential fall of Kobani prove that the Secretary of State is “out of touch” with reality of the situation.

Watch Rubio here via Fox News:

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