NBC reporter breaks Ebola quarantine for take out food; no plans to decontaminate restaurant

NBC News correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman and members of her news crew have been a hot topic since risking the spread of Ebola for a bowl of soup last Thursday.

The team made contact with infected cameraman, Ashoka Mukpo, in West Africa recently and they were under voluntary quarantine.

Apparently more pressing issues supersede the public’s health and well being.

For example, takeout food.

Nancy Snyderman in Africa
Dr. Nancy Snyderman/Facebook

According to Planet Princeton, based in Princeton, NJ where Snyderman resides, Dr. Snyderman was spotted in a car outside of Peasant Grill (ironic for an elitist) in Hopewell, NJ, incognito in a pulled back ponytail and sunglasses waiting as another man, also under quarantine, went into the restaurant and picked up an order.

Snyderman and crew are now under a mandatory quarantine and massive public scrutiny.

A spokeswoman for the New Jersey Department of Health, Dawn Thomas, assured the public that there was no need to decontaminate the restaurant because the crew is asymptomatic and persons without symptoms cannot transmit the disease.

“The NBC crew remains symptom-free, so there is no reason for concern of exposure to the community,” said Thomas.

NBC has declined to comment citing privacy concerns which is interesting as they have had no such concerns when reporting on other Ebola patients.

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