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Embarrassing, guys! Media covers for Michelle Obama’s flub – she meant to do it

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Days after Michelle Obama embarrassed herself and her party by getting a Democratic Senate candidate’s name wrong while she was supposed to be campaigning for him in Iowa, the mainstream media’s efforts to cover for the first lady are getting embarrassing.

For those who missed it, Obama was in Iowa on Friday to stump for Democrat Bruce Braley in his tight fight with Republican Joni Ernst to represent Iowa in the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately for the Braley campaign, Obama got his name wrong. Over and over, she implored listeners to vote for someone named “Bailey” instead.

Cue the fix-it squad.

First, the Washington Post published a long explanation of how the Mrs. Obama could call her party’s nominee by the wrong name despite having a teleprompter right in front of her (short answer, it could happen to anybody).

Then, NBC’s “Today” show tried to lay all the blame on some nameless aide.

“Here’s my thing,” “Today” host Willie Geist said. “That’s a Teleprompter speech….She’s reading the speech. Does that mean “Bailey” was in the prompter? Like some – a staffer let her down? Or did she just blow through what she was reading?”

How could an Obama blow a line that was written out on a teleprompter? Heck, that would be as silly as pronouncing something wrong (like “corpse-man,” maybe) or thinking there’s a language called “Austrian.”

But Geist wasn’t done. It might all have actually been part of a plan to actually help the Democrat nominee get name recognition among those Iowa farmers he deep-down disdains.

Check out the video here, via Newsbusters.

An “evil genius move,” Geist said at the end.

Because an Obama never makes a mistake. Not even with a teleprompter.


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