Dem governor threatens if he loses race, he may pardon mass murderer on his way out

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) said he could respond to a loss in the Gubernatorial race by commuting the sentence of convicted mass murderer Nathan Dunlap.

Nathan Dunlap
Convicted killer Nathan Dunlap

Dunlap is the man who shot 5 and killed 4 at a Chuck E. Cheese in Aurora in 1993. Police apprehended him later that day at his girlfriend’s house.

Although Dunlap was given the death penalty for his crimes, Governor Hickenlooper granted him a “temporary reprieve” when the date for his execution came up in 2013 to the outrage of the victims’ families. He did this to avoid taking a firm position on the death penalty reported The National Journal.

John Hickenlooper
John Hickenlooper

Hickenlooper indicated to a CNN reporter that he could take it further by granting the mass murderer full clemency if he were defeated by his pro-death penalty Republican opponent in November.

Complete Colorado obtained and published an audio recording of the governor saying there are still things “a governor can [do]” with the time that remains. Things he can do in the “period of time between the election…and the end of the year.”

When pressed to clarify his statement Hickenlooper left no room for interpretation by saying “there obviously remedies that the governor can do, you know, I could give it full clemency between election day and the end of the year.”

He said there would be “a number of different opportunities” to prevent the execution of Dunlap.

Dunlap, who is black, shot the 5 victims, all of whom were white, after being fired.

Hickenlooper, a staunch supporter of anti gun legislation, was quick to enact far reaching gun control laws after the mass shooting at an Aurora movie theater carried out by James Holmes. Gun laws that have been criticized as unenforceable and unconstitutional by many. Laws the governor himself has said he “should have done more research” on when asked about them during this campaign.

While he is quick to react to gun violence by forcing draconian laws on law-abiding citizens for the actions of one mass murderer he is willing to move Heaven and Earth to spare the life of another mass killer. All while holding the citizens of Colorado, essentially, at gunpoint demanding re-election.

Carmine Sabia


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