Cornel West arrested for stirring up trouble

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Arrests in Ferguson, MO Monday netted notable activist Cornel West. West often appears on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, PBS and other networks commenting on issues of race and politics.

West, along with approximately 20 other demonstrators, was taken into custody during the “Faith In Ferguson” rally which was part of a weekend long series of protests that were trending on social media under #FergusonOctober.

“I came here to go to jail,” West said to fellow protesters on Sunday according to Rueters.

West got his wish as he was taken into custody on a charge of disturbing the peace. The others were apprehended on charges of failure to disperse.

According to police the arrests were made as the crowd got rowdy and started bumping into officer’s shields and attempting to snap the skirmish line.

Tensions have been high in Ferguson since the shooting death of Mike Brown by officer Darren Wilson. These tensions have risen recently as another young, black male, Vonderrit Myers Jr., was shot and killed by police.

Myers had a gun felony conviction and was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of the shooting. A 9mm Ruger was recovered at the scene and police said that Myers fired at them first. Not exactly the resume of a martyr but if you cloak yourself in victimhood and look for reasons to riot and loot any excuse is a good one.

West was free by Tuesday morning.

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