Black mob trashes Jewish store in Brooklyn and ‘who cares?’

Dozens of teenagers Saturday night in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn vandalized a Jewish-owned business, damaged several vehicles, shouted “Heil Hitler” and then ran away before police arrived.

The mob was described by “various media sources” as consisting of between 30 and 70 teens, mostly African-American, according to the Times of Israel.

Yanki Klein, the owner of the damaged store, told WABC-TV that he believes Gourmet Butchers was targeted by the teens because he is Jewish.

“[Very often] these kinds of kids come by my store and yell ‘Heil Hitler,’ or steal things that are on shelves near the door,” Klein told WABC-TV. “I’ve asked the police to put an officer on my corner many times, but I feel like I am being ignored and these ‘minor’ problems keep happening.”

Some of the vandalism was caught by surveillance cameras.

The video shows the mob quickly gathering outside the store before a few teens rush inside, knocking product and at least one shelf to the ground before rushing out again. Klein said the whole thing happened in seconds.

A second witness, identified by WABC-TV as Mendy J, said that some members of the group yelled “a Nazi phrase” before leaving.

Police are investigating the vandalism, but WABC-TV reported no arrests had been made as of Monday.

Watch the security camera footage here:


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