Why I oppose liberalism

The following column is an excerpt from Townhall.com

Liberalism is an ideology of parasites, hypocrites, grievance mongers, victims, and control freaks. Like a tick, liberalism latches onto a victim and sucks him dry. Of course, a single tick can’t gorge itself on so much blood that it does to a dog what liberalism did to Detroit. It doesn’t turn the different parts of the dog against each other. The tick doesn’t tell everyone he’s a victim and that the dog is greedy if he tries to scratch it off.

You can’t be both a good Christian and a good liberal because they’re incompatible and liberalism makes no exceptions for religious beliefs. It demands to be placed first in a person’s life, even above God; a liberal who stands up for his Christian beliefs or who merely asks that Christians not be demeaned will be ostracized for it by other liberals. Churches that adopt liberal beliefs inevitably become such pale imitations of the truth that missionaries should be sent in to convert them to Christianity.

Liberalism is an ideology of tribalism and hatred. It works incessantly to undermine anything that truly brings America together — like Christianity, the culture and love of country — so it can try to rebind people together as liberal drones. Relatively minor differences of opinion between liberals and those who disagree with them are habitually elevated to encourage hated.

For example, there’s no logical, rational reason that…

…If you oppose illegal immigration, you must hate Hispanics.

….If you oppose Affirmative Action, you must hate blacks.

….If you oppose free birth control, you must hate women.

….If you’re concerned about radical Islam, you must hate all Muslims.

….If you oppose gay marriage, you must hate gays.

Yet, liberalism promotes those lies incessantly to keep people at each other’s throats.

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John Hawkins


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