War, poverty and disease? Guess who just notched up his 200th round of golf?

Photo Source White House Dossier

President Obama marked a milestone Sunday when he played golf for the 200th time during his presidency.

White House Dossier noted that for many, the milestone “is emblematic of a president who has frequently seemed detached from his job, his colleagues in Washington, and the American people.”

And Obama’s 200th trip “comes at a particularly turbulent time,” wrote Keith Koffler, editor of the White House Dossier.

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While the president now plays golf nearly every weekend, several stories were in the news as he took to the links this weekend.

Officials announced Sunday a Dallas health care worker tested positive for Ebola. It is the second case in the United States and pending preliminary tests, is likely the first case of the disease being contracted or transmitted in the U.S.

Kurdish fighter’s desperately hold off Islamic State militants in the Syrian town of Kobani, which could fall at at minute, according to USA Today. If the city falls, there could be a massacre of biblical proportions — more than 200,000 people have already fled across the border into Turkey.

Islamic State militants tighten the noose on Baghdad, with up to 10,000 jihadists at the gates of the city poised to attack, Al-Arabiya News reported.‎

All of which raises the question — again: how on earth can Obama concentrate on golf?

According to White House Dossier, the president is playing at Fort Belvoir, Va., with junior White House aides.

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