‘They blew it’: Outrage grows at Obama’s mishandling of Ebola’s arrival in US

In the wake of a Texas health care worker’s Ebola diagnosis, investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson reported that experts say it may already be too late to prevent a U.S. outbreak.

In a column titled,Ebola: Officials Sound the Alarm,” posted on her website Friday, Attkisson wrote:

The Dallas Ebola case was mishandled nearly every step of the way with health officials displaying a “learn-as-we-go” mentality. A “glitch” at the hospital was blamed for sending the infected patient back home where he came into contact with others. And there was a shocking lack of preparedness in disposing of the patient’s infectious waste.

“They blew it,” one official told me. Another official acknowledged that such examples of incompetence make it more difficult to convince the American public that their health is in good hands.

As some in the media go out of their way to minimize fears about Ebola, CBS News’ former Washington bureau correspondent posted a series of tweets to highlight her findings. Here’s a look:

Many of her followers’ responses offer a snapshot of how Americans feel about the virus, and the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis. Here’s a sampling:

Tom Tillison


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