‘SNL’ sendup makes classic fun of a liberal staple: ‘Save a village for 39 cents a day’

With the news out of Africa almost uniformly depressing, a “Saturday Night Live” sketch Saturday night brought some laughs on an unexpected topic.

snl11012newSpoofing the periodic appeals for donations from Americans, like the ones Sally Struthers once made a staple of late-night television, “SNL” veteran Bill Hader played the pitch perfectly.

Identifying himself as “Charles Daniels” (get it?) Hader portrays a bleeding-heart aid worker beseeching Western donors for as little as “39 cents a day” to save an African village from starvation.

The villagers might be starving but they’re not stupid. And they don’t like the sound of “39 cents a day” at all — even if Hader’s self-satisfied stereotypical lib thinks it’s plenty, because it’s been “decided by very educated and caring people.”

The skit’s a laugh riot. But it’s interesting to think how the normal “SNL” audience – the same liberal base that follows Colbert and Stewart — would have reacted if it had appeared on a Fox show instead.

Check it out here.


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