Ebola threat reports in US send survivalist gear sales skyrocketing

News outlets have been reporting on the Ebola crisis in West Africa for months, but the discovery of the disease on American soil has sent citizens scurrying to prepare for the worst.

An online emergency supply business told Bloomberg News last week that it had sold only one or two “Extended Infection Protection” kits in the past two years. Once the Ebola news got really bad, it sold out its supply in two weeks.

Business owner David Scott said he has sold about 50 of the packages, which go for $149.95. The biggest surge came after news broke of the patient in Dallas diagnosed with the deadly disease.

He has since restocked, but said another diagnosis could diminish supplies again.

“People don’t tend to think about these things until they’re in the headlines, then they panic-buy,” Scott, who founded Chicago-based LifeSecure in 2005, told Bloomberg. “If you wait until a pandemic happens, the supply dries up very quickly.”

But it’s not just residents of the United States taking precautions – preparations are brisk in the United Kingdom as well.

Survivalists recommend stocking up on drinking water, food and other supplies, as well as avoiding all contact with others, to avoid an Ebola epidemic, according to the Daily Mail.

A survivalist only identified as Steve, runs UK Preppers Guide, a website aimed to prepare readers for “UK & global disasters.” The site offers everything from an explanation of an epidemic to reviews and recommendations on various survival items — including catapults.

Watch Richard Simpson of ARCO explain the protective wear developed for the British government in this video via Daily Mail:

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