Dem campaign threatens reporter with arrest for asking for documents

By Arthur Kane |

DENVER — The campaign spokesman for Gov. John Hickenlooper threatened this reporter with arrest and called police when the reporter attempted to get the candidate’s tax returns, which were distributed to other Colorado media weeks ago.

Photo Credit: Daily Kos Colorado Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper's campaign doesn't like releasing documents to conservative news outlets.

Photo Credit: Daily Kos
Colorado Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper’s campaign doesn’t like releasing documents to conservative news outlets.

Campaign spokesman Eddie Stern led me out of an office building that houses a number of different offices, including the Hickenlooper campaign, at 2525 16th St. in Denver and asked me to leave.

“Do you mind if we step outside,” Stern said, leading me out of the office complex to the sidewalk and parking lot.

“This is a private office, and I have to ask you to leave,” he said. “Will you not record me?”

“No I will not, not record you,” I responded.

“It’s a private office. I’m being recorded without my consent,” he said.

“We’re standing in a public parking lot, a public sidewalk, probably paid for by taxpayers. So anyway are you going to give me the tax returns or not?” I asked.

Stern then led me into the lobby of the building.

“I’ve been asking you for a month and half for the tax returns,” I said.

“Again, this is a private office. We’re asking you to leave or I’m going to have to call police,” Stern said.

“You’re going to call police on a reporter?” I asked. “You haven’t been able to answer my phone calls, you haven’t been able to provide me with documents I asked for. Just answer the question and I’ll leave. Are you going to give me the tax returns or not?”

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29 thoughts on “Dem campaign threatens reporter with arrest for asking for documents

  1. Troof Detector says:

    Typical democrap.

  2. Buddy Alton says:

    Typical political machine action. Last time someone threatened to call police I pulled out my call phone & told them I’d happily dial the number. Then I dialed.

  3. Phil Gwinn says:

    I’m not a big fan of government in general. Nor am I a fan of reporters who think that their job title is some exalted status.

              ► You were asked to leave. You should have immediately left and wrote the story.

              ► You were asked to stop recording. Depending on the state laws you risked jail for a low level political piece?

    If it were me I’d have done a compare and contrast story based on the word “transparency” and “bias”.

    1. jlfonz1 says:

      And the only place you might get a job would be the daily kos or huffpo…slightly more legitimate versions of the National Enquirer. Funny how libs are dejected by reporters when it is their peeps being pressed

      1. Jon Weiss says:

        You are incorrect, Daily Kos and Huffpo are NOT slightly more legit, they EXACTLY on the same level with the National Enquirer.

        I am expecting the Kos to come out with a “Space Aliens ate my homework” story any day now.

        1. Eric G says:

          If not for the Enquirer, Jon Edwards just may have become president. It is much more respectable than either the DK or HP.

          1. Jon Weiss says:

            I stand corrected.

        2. Rick Hammett says:

          the IRS emails…

      2. annie says:

        Do you really believe those are more legit than the Enquirer?

      3. Phil Gwinn says:

        Heh. It took exactly six days to get banned by DK. That was when they were scrapping over the Hillary/Obama primaries. I mentioned that him not stopping to visit wounded was bad. Twas game over in about three hours.

        Haven’t been banned by Huffpo yet. Of course I go there about once a lifetime if I am being blackmailed or something.

        Sorry. Reporters, no matter which bias they represent, tick me off when they act superior. This was a low level story that wouldn’t have made the cut in a printed paper. It is, at best, a filler IOT reassure people that Gubernatorial candidates of any bias are not exempt from poking and prodding.

        The entire story is all about how our stalwart reporter stood up to the man. If the angle is that this candidate is not transparent, then more than one sob story is needed. How about transcripts of the alleged multiple conversations? How about asking the candidate what it is about his tax return scares him. How about obtaining the return and then dissecting it along with any financial irregularities while explaining how the candidate tried to stonewall them.

        1. jlfonz1 says:

          How about comparing this story to the decades of stories like it except the politician being questioned is republican. “Sen Joe Schmoe will not answer questions about whether he is for or against abortion, he is republican…therefore, he will vote against abortion every chance he gets” (para).
          50 years of this crap and it had been ALL one sided…until recently.

          1. Phil Gwinn says:

            Are we supposed to be happy about that? I took journalism over 30 years ago. The goal was unbiased, fact based, verifiable reporting. IF the teacher could divine your opinion in what was supposed to be a news piece… the piece didn’t run. Opinions belong in opeds. And, this guys account of a politicians staff member stonewalling smacks of whining instead of news.

            To be honest there is no more integrity in journalism than there is in politics. Both sides are corrupted and the bias is more important than the facts.

            It is little wonder that the people are ill informed and apathetic.

          2. There used to be a fact checking department too. I suspect all that is gone.

          3. Phil Gwinn says:

            Yep. I forgot about fact checking someone else if i didn’t have a story going for that issue.

    2. Jon Weiss says:

      He’s lucky I was not writing the story, I would have taken what I had, then extrapolated the rest (in a very unflattering manner) then dared the SOB to prove me wrong.

      1. Phil Gwinn says:

        Exactly. Old movie “Absense of Malice”. I would not condone such actions as a matter of course. But, I can totally understand the motivation.

  4. Doug says:

    How can we tell anything? They’re all high.

  5. crazymind99 says:

    He asked for the real tax returns.

  6. Jon Weiss says:

    Sounds like our governor here in Kentucky, Steve Beshear, I asked his office for some simple information on the state’s plan for Obama care, I was ignored for 16 months, then I was stonewalled, and told that I had never called and asked for the information.

    Shortly after my last call to the Governors office, I received an unsolicited call from a state Rep for the Veterans Administration offering me an increase in my veterans benefits.

    Was it an attempt at a bribe, I have no proof, but since it was totally out of the the blue, and unsolicited, it sure had all the appearances of one.

    1. Eric G says:

      So I have to ask-did you take the increase?

      1. Jon Weiss says:

        Nope, I didn’t pursue the issue, I don’t care to involved in a bribery scandal, if my disability rating gets changed it will only happen if/when my doctor determines that my disability has worsened, not on the advice of some lame assed political bureaucrat.

        1. Eric G says:

          Thank you, sir. You are a patriot.

          1. Jon Weiss says:

            Thanks, but don’t go overboard, I decided to be a soldier when I was 8 years old and dedicated myself to that profession for 22 years.

            I would have stayed to mandatory retirement at 30, but even the Army became more political than military, I had to get out. When your career advancement depends more on “who you know” and “who’s ass you kiss” than it does on tactical & technical skills, it is time to look elsewhere.

            I enjoyed my time in uniform for many years but when I was told that my skills meant little and I was asked to compromise my morals and integrity, I had to call it quits.

          2. Eric G says:

            You are quite welcome. Your response shows you possess a quality that is lacking in today’s younger generation; humility. Please note I do not include our brave men and women who volunteer to serve and protect our great nation. My specific area of history is WWII ETO and the Cold War. I was blessed and had the opportunity to work on a collection donated to the FAU library a few years ago. If you have some time, you may want to check out the Special Collections at under the Library section. Pull up Harold Glasser. Here is a man who was born in 1918 and as I went through his papers (which was an enormous amount of documentation), I thought I was reading about 4 different men (based on his achievements). He flew 35 missions as a bombardier on a B-24 over the skies of Europe (after he hit the magic number of 25, he volunteered for more missions just so he could get rotated out of the service to get back to his new bride). Men like him and yourself (and women) are what made our country great.

  7. Hoppyman50 says:

    Isn’t it a normal method of leftist progressives to avoid the press who probe into their personal lives and avoid being exposed as the cockroaches they are being exposed to light may be a bit much.

    1. libslie says:

      You are correct. That should have been a given and planned for in advance that this would happen. Hickenlooper is a dope. Business and growth here in Colorado is working despite his liberal agenda.

      1. Hoppyman50 says:

        This thought of his failure in Colorado can be taken on to the federal level and we could say, “Despite the best efforts of the progressives in Washington, the small businesses have been resilient”. For how long, not sure.

  8. Walt says:

    Just a snotty nosed socialist LIBTURD doing what he does best – avoiding getting caught…oops..lying…oops blaming Bush….

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