‘Simpering ninny’ Dem governor calls National Review ‘Right-wing tea bag organization’; response is perfect

When the media actually does its job and calls out politicians for their failures, they get the “Alinsky” treatment.

Case in point, Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy was called to the table by National Review, and his response was nothing short of juvenile.

Here’s an exchange between Democrat Malloy and his Republican opponent Tom Foley in a recent public debate.


After National Review labeled Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) the worst governor in the nation, his Republican challenger suddenly had material for a talking point.

“When are you going to take some responsibility for the fact that your policies have not worked,” Tom Foley asked Malloy during Thursday’s debate in Hartford, Conn. “We have the lowest growth rate of any state in the country, and as I said you were recently rated the worst governor in the United States of America.”

Malloy was “rated” as such in an article published by the conservative magazine earlier this week, but Foley left the sourcing to the incumbent.

Tom, the publication you’re talking about is a right-wing tea bag organization,” Malloy said. “You know it. I let you repeat the same story twice. Why don’t you tell the whole story when you tell stories?

National Review editor Jim Geraghty was quick to defend the publication by tweeting:

Michele Kirk


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