See pro-communist, anti-cop protesters march in St. Louis rally

Protesters turned out in downtown St. Louis on Saturday for the “Justice for All: National March and Rally.”

According to Jim Hoft, founder of Gateway Pundit, the turnout was “really a pathetic showing considering they had been promoting the event for weeks.”

Hoft tweeted a series of great photos from the event from a conservative’s point of view. Perhaps the only one on hand doing so, and make no mistake about it, it was a left-wing event all the way.

Angry protesters target ‘wealthy’ whites; vandalize home,
burn US flags, assault reporter, call for officer’s death

“The protesters carried their pro-communist, anti-police, anti-Jew, pro-violence signs with them as they marched,” Hoft wrote.

Here are some of the photo’s tweeted by Hoft that zeroed in on the signs, and who was carrying them:

Here are a few more photos from apparent supporters of the rally, including one that offers a good perspective of the size of the crowd and a couple of videos at the end:

And to be sure, this now has little to do with the resident’s of Ferguson, Mo.:

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