Judge says Obama’s White House committed a felony in cover-up of scandal

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News recently that the Secret Service scandal is one to be taken seriously. 

Joining a panel discussion hosted by Bret Baier, Napolitano and his colleagues agreed that it wasn’t the scandal itself that mattered, but the cover-up of the scandal.

Sound familiar?

“Somebody at the White House lied to somebody,” Napolitano said, explaining why it is such a big deal:

“I see a serious legal issue here,” Napolitano said.

“Here’s the legal issue: the government is permitted to legally lie to us. Jay Carney, Josh Earnest, whoever’s speaking for the President, may lawfully lie. We of course can be prosecuted if we lie to the government. But the government can’t lawfully lie to itself.

“So somebody from the administration lied in an official inquiry to an investigator from the Congress, and we know there was an official inquiry. That is a felony,” he said. “So the cover-up to the Congress, Congressman Chaffetz is right to be upset. They were lied to, and somebody can be prosecuted for that.”

The documents from the White House Counsel’s investigation are not protected by executive privilege, Napolitano told Baier.

Michele Kirk


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