Don Sterling’s out-of-town wife calls 911 to home: ‘African-black’ woman is in bedroom ‘tormenting my husband’

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Months after then-Los Angeles Clippers owner Don Sterling’s racist rant prompted the NBA to ban him from ever owning a team, his wife called 911 from across the world to report that the woman who recorded the rant was in the Sterling home harassing her 81-year-old husband.

Shelly Sterling, who was an ocean away in France, called 911 on Oct. 1 after a family gardener told her that her husband’s alleged girlfriend, 30-something V. Stiviano, had entered their home, according to TMZ.

“I have to report that somebody broke in to my house,” Shelly Sterling told the 911 operator.

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The angry wife described the supposed intruder as an “African black,” though Stiviano is Mexican and African American.

“You have to go there fast, because she’s dangerous,” Sterling said, adding that Stiviano was “tormenting” her husband.

In the recording of the call, published by TMZ, Sterling said Stiviano entered through a side door and was upstairs in the bedroom with the aging billionaire. Stiviano, alternately called a femme fatale and Sterling’s one-time girlfriend, has denied ever having sex with Sterling, alleging he is “a homosexual,” TMZ reported.

The whole sordid affair makes you wonder why Sterling would want to reconcile with Stiviano in the first place.

After all, Sterling’s one-time assistant was responsible for his downfall, after recording him making racist comments that outraged millions of basketball fan and led Sterling’s wife to sell ownership of the Clippers.

When police arrived, they were told that Stiviano was an “invited guest,” and she didn’t leave.

Listen to the 911 call here, via TMZ:

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