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US Airways feels wrath of social media when flight attendant mistreats Army Ranger

Photo Credit WSOC-TV

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A U.S. Airways flight attendant’s alleged mistreatment of an Army Ranger on Thursday took Twitter by storm.

According to ABC affiliate WSOC-TV in Charlotte, N.C., the flight attendant refused a request from First Sergeant Albert Marle to hang up his uniform jacket to keep it from getting wrinkled, telling the ranger the service is only for first class passengers.

To add insult to injury, when first class passengers agreed to exchange seats with Marle to accommodate his request, the flight attendant refused to allow it.

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“When he asked if he could hang his coat up to keep from getting wrinkled, he had a chest full of medals — many deployments,” Cliff Autrey, a passenger on the flight, told WSOC-TV. “All she had to say was, ‘Yes.’”

Eventually, another attendant hung up the jacket to the dismay of the first attendant.

A passenger who appeared to be on the same flight was so outraged that he began tweeting a series of messages about the incident, tagging U.S. Airways. He stressed in one tweet that “not a soul in first class had a coat. Not one!”

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As a result of Twitter user Kirbs72’s tenacity, U.S. Airways finally replied and they had a short exchange with the concerned passenger adamant that the airline make it right with the soldier:

But based on the responses to the multiple tweets posted in the interim, the cost to the U.S. Airway brand was substantial — a lesson to be learned:

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