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MSNBC blamed Christians for brutal actions of ISIS; ‘why don’t we lump in cancer and Ebola too?’

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In an MSNBC discussion that has to be seen to be believed, Monday’s “Ed Show” featured two liberals, Michael Eric Dyson and James Peterson, equating alleged Christian oppression of women and homophobia with radical Islam.

“We don’t deal with Christianity, because there’s a lot of terrorism going on and being promoted in the identity movement and white supremacist roots within Christianity itself,” Dyson claimed.

Peterson agreed.

“You’re talking about oppressing women. You’re talking about being homophobic. We can look right home. We don’t have to look across the seas in order to see that,” he said.

Still don’t believe it? See for yourself:

Even Bob Beckel, the resident liberal on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” thought these comments were over the top – way over the top.

Introducing a clip from the “Ed Show” discussion, Beckel let viewers know that he didn’t want them associating the views from the clip with him.

“You’ve heard me condemn radical Islam time and again on this show,” Beckel said. “Unfortunately, not everyone on the left has followed the lead. Check out what just took place on MSNBC. Christians were actually accused of terrorizing the world as much as Muslims.”

After watching the clip, Eric Bolling appeared mystified by the comments.

“I’m trying to figure out what he just did. He just — he just hung white supremacy, hate towards women, all on Christianity?” he asked his co-hosts. “Why don’t we lump in cancer and Ebola, too, and blame Christianity?”

“I think that it’s a real disservice to feminists and women’s movement that has done a lot for me, for lots of women of our generation,” former White House press secretary Dara Perino added. “It does the feminist movement no good to have people like these two equating the lifestyles of the United States to people around the world.”

Greg Gutfeld, not surprisingly, aimed his comments more directly at Dyson and Peterson.

“There’s nothing more pathetic than watching individuals emasculated by their Islamophobia. They are literally scared to come out and say something honest. They said that Christianity is against women or whatever, while there is an entire radical Islamic faction that is tormenting women,” Gutfeld said. “That is absolute — that is just incredible.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle said that the comparison completely ignored “all the great work that Christians have done throughout the world,” which even Beckel called a “good point.”

But it was lefty Bob Beckel who had the last word, obviously considering it his duty as a liberal to set the record straight.

“I’ll put my liberal credentials up against anybody’s,” Beckel said, speaking directly to Dyson and Peterson. “What you’re doing is il-liberal. … White supremacists? You equate that with Christians?”

“You are being — it’s just sad, is all I can say,” Beckel concluded. “You’re sad.”

Check out the entire segment here:



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