Man shouts ‘I’ve been to Africa!’ on crowded plane; watch hazmat team storm in, take him off

On a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Punta Cana Wednesday,  a man shouted, “I’ve been to Africa!,” as the plane was preparing to land on the island, an airport official told Fox News Latino.

Initially, social media buzzed, and it was reported by the Dominican press, that the man had yelled, “I have Ebola!”

The proclamation of the unidentified passenger, who was also coughing throughout the flight, caused panic among the passengers and crew.

A US Airways official confirmed to FNL that the man was not from Africa and the incident was a “joke of poor taste.”

A crew of emergency hazmat workers stormed the plane to remove the passenger for tests as the other passengers watched, with cell phone cameras rolling.

On his way off the plane, the man was heard saying “I ain’t from Africa.”

Watch the footage from a passenger via YouTube:

Michele Kirk


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