Angry protesters target ‘wealthy’ whites; vandalize home, burn US flags, assault reporter, call for officer’s death

The streets near Ferguson were literally on fire Thursday night with protesters chanting for the death of Officer Darren Wilson, the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown. In the Shaw neighborhood for a second night, they vandalized homes, committed assaults, blocked traffic and threw knives at police. This is hot on the heels of the shooting of a black teen with a lengthy criminal record on Wednesday.

Police say felon Vonderrit D. Myers fired three shots at a white officer before being shot and killed. Myers’ parents maintain that he was unarmed at the time of the shooting but Myers’ had a felony gun conviction on his record and was wearing an ankle monitor while a stolen 9mm Ruger was found at the scene.

Despite all of the evidence that the shooting was justified, the crowd remained undeterred. Seemingly oblivious or unconcerned with the facts of the Myers case, the protesters have used this latest police shooting as a springboard to fuel more unrest.

The protesters have been demanding the indictment of Darren Wilson over the past two days. However on Thursday night they became more volatile, calling for the officer’s death and marching through “wealthy,” “white” neighborhoods, as USA Today reporter Yamiche Alcindor, who was on the scene, reported.

As tempers flared they physically assaulted at least one reporter.

They also took to burning American flags on the street drawing the ire of much of the public.

By the end of Thursday night St. Louis police were in full riot gear and in the midst of a standoff with the angry mob.

Violence and unrest will never be the path to find justice. Let’s hope and pray that cooler heads ultimately prevail.

Editor’s note: An original version of this article said the activity took place in Ferguson. It has been corrected to reflect that what took place happened in nearby St. Louis.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


468 thoughts on “Angry protesters target ‘wealthy’ whites; vandalize home, burn US flags, assault reporter, call for officer’s death

  1. SomeDude says:

    Blocking a car and making aggressive moves towards the driver is a great way to get ran over.

  2. BO_stinks says:

    if they want “a war” they’ll get their asses stomped (once again)

  3. sluggo1488 says:

    Some people, and you know who I’m talking about, don’t need a reason to chimp-out. It must be genetic.

  4. greatjoy says:

    The Democrat Party nurtures these sorts of actions.
    Nancy Pelosi just received the Margaret Sanger Award.
    Who is Margaret Sanger? Radical leftist, got the KKK
    (Democrat Party institution) to take on the job of using
    positions in media and govt to train young black people
    in bitterness and everything evil so that they will attack
    their own communities. Now the leadership of the Democrat
    Party has been nurturing the thinking that will get black people
    so angry that they will act this way. They also have been
    working to get college age kids of the upper class to
    be angry and riotous but so far that has mostly fizzled.
    When the economy collapses those people will be on
    the streets also.

    1. Jake Frizzell says:

      ‘Democratic Party’ = George Soros (Schwartz)

  5. The_Yeti_Knows says:

    This isn’t anything several well fed flamethrowers wont cure . Do I have to think of everything ?

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