Glenn Beck: US needs to stop ‘community organizing in the Middle East’

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck drew ridicule years ago when he first began talking about a caliphate developing in the Middle East, but now many of the things he spoke of are happening.

Beck told Megyn Kelly Wednesday that the United States needs to stay out of the fighting until there is a better understanding of the enemy we are facing.

“Not one more body, not one more arm, not one more leg, not one more dollar,” Beck said on “The Kelly File.”

Beck referred to the Sykes-Picot Agreement, “which was when Britain and France redesigned the Middle East, making it so that dictators had to be put there,” according to Fox News. The United States’ plan to take out dictators plays into the hands of the Islamic State terrorists.

“We’re community organizing the Middle East,” Beck said.

If Syria’s dictator Assad is taken out, Beck predicted that Jordan would be next, giving ISIS a clean sweep of the Middle East.

After viewing students at Harvard claim the United States is a bigger threat to the world than ISIS, Beck was flabbergasted.

“How do you even react to that? Here’s the biggest danger to America: an uneducated citizenry,” he said. “We are going off the rails because we don’t know our own history.”

Watch the interview here via Fox News:


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