Dimwit Eva Longoria gets schooled on how Americans really feel about speaking English

For an American citizen — even a drop-dead gorgeous American citizen who spends most of her time in the warped world of Hollywood — Eva Longeria doesn’t know much about her own country.

She proved it in an interview broadcast Thursday on MSNBC — where else? — with Jose Diaz Balart promoting Friday’s American Latino Media Arts awards.

“We’re the only country in the world that promotes monolingualism,” Longoria said, with charming passion but without out a shred of evidence.

Check out the video here, via MSNBC (the comment occurs about the 2:50 mark):

Actually, Longoria is as ignorant as she is attractive.

Not only does America not “promote” monolingualism in the sense of having an official language, it’s a country where probably more disparate languages are spoken by more people than any since that tower got built in Babel.

Heck, in Longoria’s own California residents have the choice of using 31 languages just to take a drivers license test. That’s 31 besides English.

The former “Desperate Housewives” star has millions of fans, and the kind of looks that can cover a multitude of sins.

But this was too much for Twitter users. And Longoria’s predictably lefty politics didn’t help her case much.

Actually, we all know why other countries teach their students English. It’s because American English is the dominant language in the world — and will be for the foreseeable future. (That’s what really bugs the lefties anyway.) But beauty or no beauty, Longoria struck a nerve.

    And got dismissed.  


But she’s no Sofia Vergara. Her Spanish isn’t nearly as good.


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