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Pregnant S.E. Cupp’s classic response to ‘liberal dem’ who calls her ‘chunky’ – with bonus tweets

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Liberal Dems really don’t get how outwitted they are on Twitter.

Take, for example, this self-identified “Liberal Dem” who decided to comment on conservative S.E. Cupp’s weight.

Let’s start with the utter stupidity of that idea, or as one of his “fellow man species” put it,  the “d-baggery.”

Add to that the fact that Cupp is pregnant and watch what unfolds:

The epic response:

Plenty of responses followed congratulating Cupp and schooling Luigi on his manners.

There were some stronger sentiments and an argument with the troll, Luigi, himself on Twitter. I tried to avoid the salty language responses to this guy, but I thought the  deserved a mention.

Stop messing with conservatives on Twitter, guys. You’re just not smart enough.


Michele Kirk


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