Poll: Boot California, Texas, Florida out of the union


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Take a hike, Golden State. Hit the door, Empire State. Lone Star State, yes, even you. We’ll need you to go form your own government, but you should be used to that by now.

A Fox News poll conducted jointly by Democratic and Republican polling firms, with a fairly even mix of the red and the blue, found that California would seem to be the least-liked state. Fifty-three percent of respondents who said they wanted to boot out a state said they would kick California out of the union if they could.

New York was second with 25 percent, followed by Texas with 20 percent and Florida with 11 percent.

The 1,049 registered voters in the poll about secession conducted Sept. 28-30 were allowed to pick multiple states to boot out of the United States.

Only 9 percent said they’d vote to secede, but 17 percent wanted to kick other states out of the country.

Why was California the top choice? Well, let’s see. Could it be this nanny state’s recent ban on plastic bags? Or might it be Gov. Jerry Brown’s willingness to let the sky be filled with drones and their ever-spying cameras? Perhaps it’s the state’s eagerness to side with political correctness over free speech.

The vote was highly partisan. For example, only 9 percent of Democratic voters wanted to boot California, while 77 percent of Republicans did. A state like Alabama got no mentions by Republicans and 5 percent of the votes of Democrats.

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By Johnny Kampis | Watchdog.org

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31 thoughts on “Poll: Boot California, Texas, Florida out of the union

  1. Alan Eskew says:

    Us real Texans would be happy to leave.

  2. JoelM says:

    Is it too late to add a vote to kick out CA?

  3. Thomas Paletta says:

    Fine by me, have fun without all our technology from Silicon Valley and agriculture that supports a good part of the country.

    1. JoelM says:

      Like the greedy people who own all that won’t sell it to the highest bidder anyway.

      1. Thomas Paletta says:

        No they probably wouldn’t, American would still be dependent on California and they would probably make even more money without the federal government and regulations to stand in the way.

        1. William Douglas Yarnell says:

          How so? What you claim to provide in precious metals can be easily obtained and much cheaper from…dare I say it (dare! DARE!) China. So. Silicon Valley was your monolith? What else you got? Nothing. Agriculture? What agriculture? Marijuana? We got the midwest. What the hell we need you for except comic relief?

        2. William Douglas Yarnell says:

          Let’s see, precious metals from China and Texas Instruments. Nope. Don’t need you. California agriculture, what do you grow there exactly? I dig the giant redwoods, but I can’t eat those. Soooo…We got the midwest for farming produce. What do we need you for again? Short of a laugh track?

          1. Thomas Paletta says:

            California is the nation’s top agricultural state, and has been for more than 50 years. Agriculture in California generates approximately $37.5 billion a year, more than any other state. California grows nearly half of the nation’s fruits, vegetables and nuts. It’s top ten commodities include: milk and cream, all grapes, almonds, nursery products, cattle and calves, all lettuce, pistachios, walnuts, and flowers and foliage. So congratulations on talking about something you clearly know nothing about. Care to try again?

          2. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            And yet, you speak as though California is the only way to get food or technology. Thus was my point, that you clearly missed, so perhaps you’d care to try again. This time, try thinking that you aren’t the only circus on the rail.

          3. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            So again I say, China, Texas Instruments and the midwest. What are you good for again?

          4. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            Oh goody. It’s typing…

          5. Thomas Paletta says:

            If you really can’t take anything away from that you really are stupid. I just take the fact California leaving the United States in never going to happen and morons like you will just keep spouting your mouths off with nothing to show for it.

          6. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            Ah! There it is. The librat racist rage monster when it loses the argument by saying “will never happen anyway”. Too frightened to admit I was right about you racist librats. We don’t need California. I have already shown that with little more than common sense. I know you librats think that that is an unreal superpower, I forgive you. We have never needed California. Oh sure, you got the liquid sunshine, because it never rains there, and the awesome redwoods. I love that, really do, but without you, were just as we were before. Not hurting. Sorry you cannot digest that fact, but thanks for playing anyway. It was fun. I reallly do love the awesome redwoods though. Wish they belonged to someone besides californistan.

          7. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            By the way, sweetie. I’m eight beers and four shots into my night, and still owning you. So again. What do we need California again? What do you give us we can’t get anywhere else at a cheaper price? Marijuana? EDIT)): And we can even get that and better quality at a cheaper price from elsewhere.

          8. Thomas Paletta says:

            First off I’m not a liberal, in fact I’m not even political. I’m not even registered to vote because I have no confidence in the federal or local government whatsoever because all they do is make everything worse and are corrupt. If it were up to me I’d have every member of Congress fired and replaced by average citizens who aren’t influenced by status and money. I’m also an avid gun rights supporter and own about a dozen of them, I think CARB is a borderline fascist policy. There are lots of things I dislike about living here. it’s too liberal, too expensive, too many people and way too much traffic. I’m sure there are things about Texas you don’t like. Also I didn’t lose the argument because you never even presented a valid argument to begin with, just an opinion.

            I posted facts in relation to your dumb opinion and proved it to be utter nonsense and then you had a defensive reaction that rode on for three paragraphs about I’m somehow wrong and a liberal because I called you stupid which you aren’t because you’re obviously a drunken idiot so that was my mistake. Come back when you can actually present an actual rebuttal against my facts instead of your own ignorant opinion.

          9. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            First you invalidate anything you have further to say by using the cop out of “I’m not affiliated”. Only a librat racist will use such a cop out when losing their position.

            And yet, you still have not proven that we need your pathetic state, while I, on the other hand, have absolutely shown you you are in no way necessary to the continued existence of the United States.

            We might miss your Hollywood movies, but that’s about it.

          10. Beckery49 says:

            Gotta get drunk every night to live there? I still say build warehouses on the border with Arizona, Nevada , Utah, and Idaho and let the left coast uber-wachos have their own country. You would fit right in.

          11. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            Well, that’s out of left field then. Were you attempting to address the librat racist that is Tommy?

          12. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            Guess Tommy is scouring the librat echo chamber for a response. I’ll be back tomorrow tommy. If you find something smart to cut n paste.

          13. Thomas Paletta says:

            And California has nothing to do with precious metals but rather researching and developing the technology that utilizes those metals which is exported everywhere in the world. Every single modern computer system you see in the world today traces it’s roots back to California and the people that developed them and is why California is still one of the top computer technology producers in the world. They just export manufacturing because it’s cheaper to produce over seas and make even more profit. California is probably one of the few states in the Union that can literally support itself without any outside aid whatsoever and still retain a larger economy that most countries, let alone the “mid west”. So all you idiots yelling that California should succeed from the US would be screaming for it to come back soon after your food prices skyrocketed and the USA’s economy would tank and possibly lead to an economic collapse of the whole country. That’s how vital California is to the country as a whole.

          14. William Douglas Yarnell says:

            And yet, TI was there in the beginning and is still there to this day. We don’t need you.

            That just absolutely galls you.

            Well, I for one accept your challenge. Secede. Let’s see who is right.

    2. lia watson says:

      and don’t forget all your illegals and criminals and loons in Sacramento…Go and don’t look back. We will survive much better without you.

      1. Thomas Paletta says:

        Yeah because California is the only state with illegal immigrants and shitty politicians in their capital. Care to voice anymore hypocritical opinions?

  4. William Douglas Yarnell says:

    No problem. Most of us have been wanting out of the crapfest that has become the American government anyway.
    I’m all for and Independent Republic of Texas.

    1. lia watson says:

      Please make room for a lot of us that will want to join you.

      1. William Douglas Yarnell says:

        Welcome one and all.

  5. Mark Bigger says:

    this is BS, Kommiefornia, and New York and any other state not abiding by th Constitution – the heck with them, but Texas and Florida -not a damned thing wrong with them

    1. sherry8260 says:

      Not a damned thing? LMAO Florida has as many or not more illegals than California! Same with Texas! The only difference is the size of the state. And “armchair judges” like yourself who only know about California from what you see on the lame stream media crack me up…you don’t know squat but you run your mouth – and probably on a computer that was made here or through a service based here or you’ll go back and use Facebook or Yahoo or Twitter or some California based internet provider. Run your mouth about things you don’t have a clue about and look stupid because when we finally clean our state out – and without the liberal government aiding and assisting the out of control liberal retards here, it will come quick because the conservatives, the “CaliCons”, surround them at every turn. So yeah…I’ll be GLAD to secede! That’s one way to get my state back from liberals who steal elections and spineless Republicans who are too chickenshyt to do anything but are happy with the money the liberals line their pockets with. I swear some people are ignorant….

  6. Sam says:

    So if Florida gets booted they can’t send their old people here and college kids couldn’t come here for spring break. Also, where are the Yankees gonna go in the winter? Haha I’m all for it.

  7. Marti Settle says:

    Who cares. I’ll go you one better. Texas will secede and kick out all liberals and democrats. We don’t need or want democrats. They can be shipped of to Chicago and murder each other in Chicago. Then, I think should make all of its major highways tollroads so that any trucks wanting to pass through our states to go from one state to another should be forced to pay $100.00 for the use if I-35 north and south and $150 for all other roads east to west and back. Mexican truckers can now PAY for the pollution and damage their deisel trucks do to our air. By the way, Oklahoma will be welcome to go with us.

  8. Beckery49 says:

    If we sent all the New York imports (like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz) back to where they came from, Florida is a pretty good place to be. We are just being overrun with Yankees. HELP!

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