Obama says Dems have a ‘congenital disease’: ‘Way to talk about your base, Barry!’

President Obama spent another day hard at work fundraising for the Democratic National Committee in Manhattan Monday, and some of his comments have people talking.

During the fundraiser, Obama reportedly said that an apparent “congenital disease” keeps Democrats from voting in the midterm elections. CBS News White House Correspondent, Mark Knoller tweeted these out:

Traditionally, both parties experience low voter turnout in midterm elections, but Democrats are desperately trying to change the dynamic.

Obama may just be infuriating his own base by insulting them. Evidently, he hasn’t considered the possibility that his failed policies are keeping them out of the voting booth.

Either way, conservatives on Twitter had the last laugh. They seem to completely agree with the president’s assessment. Democrats do have a “congenital disease.”

h/t Twitchy

Hannah Bleau


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