State Dept. endorses anti-terror handbook written by Muslims calling Jihad a ‘noble’ cause

An anti-terror guide written by Canadian Muslim organizations but rejected by Canadian authorities for its “adversarial tone” was endorsed Wednesday by the U.S. State Department. The handbook, […]

If you purchased a Red Bull since 2002 they have to pay you; here’s how to get it

Red Bull agreed last month to settle two class action lawsuits and any customer who has purchased one of their products during the last 12 years is […]

Teachers reprimanded for speaking out against Common Core; Jindal calls it ‘outrageous’

BY: Elizabeth Harrington Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R.) blasted reports Tuesday that teachers are being reprimanded for speaking out against Common Core standards on social media. A teacher […]

Dems’ secret weapon for November; conservatives SHOULD take this seriously

This will restore your faith in the Republic – and the IRS. The allegedly non-partisan group Rock the Vote is out with a new PSA video aimed […]

Dallas Sheriff’s deputy rushed to hospital with Ebola symptoms; was in ‘patient zero’s’ apartment

A Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy has reportedly been rushed to the hospital by ambulance with signs of the deadly Ebola disease. The deputy reportedly visited the apartment of […]

phil robertson
‘You can’t get STDs from biblically correct sex’: Phil Robertson’s values annoy libs again

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson is at it again, doing the one thing he does almost as well as making money — driving liberals nuts. Robertson was […]

‘The Genderbread Person’: Schools order teachers to stop calling kids ‘boys’ and ‘girls’

Nebraska parents and the Nebraska Family Association are in an uproar over a plan to train teachers to stop calling boys and girls “boys and girls.” And […]

‘We’re screwed!’: Hot mic catches reporters after WH Ebola presser

A hot mic generally picks up conversations that are embarrassing, funny, or truthful. But when the words “we’re screwed” come out of a reporter’s mouth at a […]

‘Obama drone’ mockery posters of Gwyneth Paltrow plastered in her neighborhood

There goes the neighborhood! While Islamic State militants are busy sacking yet another Middle East city, the president of the United States will saunter into Los Angeles on […]

Young newlywed’s public decision to take her own life November 1st has gone viral

Brittany Maynard has always embraced life, enjoying it to the fullest measure. Now the 29-year-old Oregon woman who once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro is ready to accept death — […]

Watch things get heated when Cardinals fans, Michael Brown protesters clash; guess how media spins it?

A headline from yesterday’s New York Post online read: “Cardinals fans taunt Ferguson protesters in ballpark clash.” It was true … sort of. Those who watch only […]

Pregnant S.E. Cupp’s classic response to ‘liberal dem’ who calls her ‘chunky’ – with bonus tweets

Excited to try my new @beretta .28. Bring on the doves. — S.E. Cupp (@secupp) September 20, 2014 Liberal Dems really don’t get how outwitted they […]