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Priceless payback! Lois Lerner ambushed by conservative reporter, begs neighbor who won’t let her in

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Talk about karma.

Activist and author Jason Mattera confronted Lois Lerner as she was walking her dogs and said all the things conservatives around the country likely fantasize about saying to her.

Mattera brutally pummeled the shamed former IRS director with requests for an apology to conservatives for using the government as a weapon to target them. He taunted her by saying things like “How does it feel to be targeted? You don’t like it do you?”

Lerner ran for cover to a neighbors house where she knocked, and knocked and begged to come in.

Oops, it must have been a conservative neighbor because, they wouldn’t let her in!

When the man of the house finally came around from the back, Lerner told him she had been asking his wife to let her in because the press was bothering her.

Not hearing what Lerner said to him, the man was still confused.

Mattera explained “She’s trying to get in your house, she doesn’t want to answer questions.”

The elderly neighbor’s classic response, “I don’t want her in my house.” OUCH!

Mattera didn’t miss a beat. “I don’t blame you,” he said. “I wouldn’t want her in my house either.”

Poor, scorned Lerner scurried to another house for cover.

Politico calls Mattera “DC’s bad boy reporter.” He has a history of ambushing deserving liberals.  His latest book, “Crapitalism” takes them on in writing.

Michele Kirk


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