Bird-brain busts into restaurant yelling; what she said to cause laughter and tears

A well-fed resident of the First World took put her animal rights beliefs into action in a San Francisco eatery recently – and got herself laughed at ‘til she cried.

The woman’s name is Kelly Atlas and she belongs to a called Direct Action Everwhere. She also belongs in a nut house, since apparently she and her fellow travelers think they have the right to intrude into the lives of anyone who’s taking part in an activity that’s as old as humanity: namely eating.

The action Atlas starred in took place Sept. 27 at the Bluestem Brasserie in San Francisco – a city that really deserves everything it gets when it comes to annoyances like Atlas and her gang just for giving the country Nancy Pelosi . (Baltimore is still paying for that.)

Check it out here. It’s tough to see a grown woman cry. But when it ‘s someone as annoying as this, willing to do so much to annoy so many for so little reason, really it’s tough not to laugh. (The group chant at the end is particularly enjoyable.)

Atlas was so pleased with her performance she posted it on Twitter.  (For the uninitiated, the “little girl” Atlas is talking about is a pet chicken.)

It’s safe to say that many of the responses were not what she was hoping for.  


This one summed it up pretty well, though.



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