Obama’s romance fail: Travels on anniversary, nearly causes bride-to-be to miss wedding

Last week was tough on romance for President Obama, who nearly caused a Chicago bride-to-be to miss her wedding and then missed his own anniversary.

Obama was in Chicago during the Thursday morning rush hour when his motorcade caused traffic to come to a complete stop.

Bride-to-be Debra-Ann Robinson was on her way to Cook County’s Marriage Court, when the road became a parking lot.

“I had an 11:00 AM date or time and we were stuck in the motorcade for about a half an hour for the President to pass by, so I was pretty nervous and all but yeah,” Robinson told FOX 32.

Her husband-to-be, Robert Sanders, was already there waiting for her.

“Of course my nerves were shot, still is a little bit but I’m a lot better now,” he said.

The Obamas were to celebrate their 22nd anniversary on Friday, but both were traveling. The president was speaking at a steel workers plant in Indiana, while the first lady was attending a Boston campaign event, according to CNN.

The two enjoyed a night out on Saturday – but not until the president fit in a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base, the Daily Mail reported.

Staying close to home, the first couple had dinner at Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.

While the president’s Twitter account did not acknowledge their anniversary, the first lady’s account tweeted this:

SNL opener shreds Obama’s inane war-by-social media; it’s #blistering


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