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John Stossel in doghouse! Ebola is being over-hyped like global warming, ‘especially you women’

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Outspoken Libertarian John Stossel may have just joined the likes of other unfortunate men who have crossed the beautiful, intelligent women of  the Fox News Channel.

Monday on “Outnumbered,” – missed your first clue, Stossel – he took a shot at women as he was describing the steps President Obama should take to lead the country through the rapidly growing U.S. Ebola crisis.

“He should say this is an over-hyped risk being pumped by news media like us, especially you women, who are more scared of Ebola,” Stossel said.

After a collective “excuse me?” gasp, he admitted, to no one’s amusement, “I’m being really sexist here.”

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“But there are real risks in life, but Ebola is — it may prove to be, it’s unlikely,” he said. “It’s hard to catch. The regular flu kills thousands and thousands of people. There’s so much other stuff.  Driving a car in the rain, promiscuous sex, drinking too much. There are real things to worry about. This distracts us from that.”

The women, at the risk of being called hysterical, asked “Why isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?” Doctors don’t know much about the deadly virus, which validates most people’s fears, they agreed.

“And it’s what they said about SARS . . .,” Stossel responded,” . . .  bird flu, flesh-eating bacteria, all of the stuff — global warming — that’s going to kill us.”

Ending the segment, a stern-faced Harris Faulkner said, “John Stossel, picking on us for being women. We’ll see what happens to you during the commercial.”

“You’re all wrong on this,” Stossel said.

“Yeah,” Faulkner answered. “Good luck during the commercial.”

Michele Kirk


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