‘I am pretty scared to die’: American ISIS hostage writes emotional letter to parents

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Paula and Ed Kassig, parents of an American aid worker captured by ISIS, said they received a heartbreaking letter from their son in June.

The Kassigs are releasing parts of the letter trying to forestall his possible beheading by the barbarian captors.

Abdul-Raham Kassig, 26, a former U.S. Army Ranger from Indianapolis, was kidnapped by the terrorists a year ago.

In a video released Friday by the group, he was named as the next probable victim of a public beheading to send a message to Obama that his airstrikes are unacceptable.

“It’s only right we continue to strike the necks of your people,” the masked militant said to Obama while Kassig was kneeling beside him.

Kassig, formerly known as Peter before he converted, allegedly wrote the emotional letter this summer. You can read what was released here:

The Kassig’s explained in a YouTube video, posted on Saturday, how their son’s humanitarian efforts led him to a path of conversion to Islam. They pleaded with the terrorists to show mercy on him.

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