There’s Ebola at home and war abroad, but Obama’s schedule is coast-to-coast fundraisers

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A chaotic world notwithstanding, President  Obama has a busy week ahead of him.

Despite seven fundraisers on tap this week, leaving little time for pesky world crises, the president will squeeze in two metings, The Daily Caller reported.

And these meetings are more about optics based on past precedent, coming from a man who doesn’t seem to care much about optics if there’s a golf game on the schedule.

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The first gathering will convene with “top deputies” to talk about the Ebola virus that’s scaring the bejesus out of Americans, The Daily Caller reported. The other will include Pentagon officials discussing Islamic State militants parked on the outskirts of Baghdad.

The meetings could “showcase the president as a reliable leader in a time of crisis,” The Daily Caller said. But Obama’s not fooling many people these days.

After six years in office, his schedule holds few surprises: Lots of fundraisers during the week will be bracketed by weekend golf games, regardless of world events. Saturday’s game was preceded by the release of a video Friday showing terrorists severing British hostage Alan Henning’s head.

With Obama’s low approval ratings, Democratic candidates shy away from him on the campaign trail, but he remains a prolific fundraising machine for them.

The carbon footprint Obama is about to lay down will have climate-change alarmists cringing as they look the other way. The scheduled fundraisers will swing through New York and Connecticut early in the week, with visits to San Francisco and Los Angeles toward the end of the week.

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