‘SNL’ spoofs Al Sharpton on the Secret Service and his own network — ‘NBC for ladies’?

al sharptonThe great thing about Al Sharpton being an NBC employee is that the “Saturday Night Live” crew doesn’t have to go far when looking for material.

Much like the MSNBC host does on a nightly basis, comedian Kenan Thompson struggled while reading the teleprompter this week in his portrayal of Sharpton, pronouncing the name of his own network as “Ms. NBC.”

“I think that’s NBC for ladies, or something,” he tells viewers.

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When asked about the Secret Service, the Sharpton impersonator responded that it’s a “secret,” before saying folks aren’t getting the full story. He then gave an elaborate take on how the recent fence jumper not only made it inside the White House, but reached the Lincoln bedroom and ordered a sandwich while watching the Obama’s personal copy of “The Butler.”

As the skit moves on, Thompson continues to struggle with the teleprompter, reading PBS” as “Pubis.” He was also asked what he would do to protect the president.

“Are you serious?” he responded. “I protect Barack Obama as hard as I can every night from 6 to 7 p.m. on Ms. NBC!”

Watch the skit here, via NBC:

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