SNL opener shreds Obama’s inane war-by-social media; it’s #blistering

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” didn’t pull any punches when mocking President Obama’s handling of Isis and Secret Service lapses in a “60 Minutes” parody skit.

While his presidential campaign was known to maximize social media, Obama, played by Jay Pharoah, said his administration underestimated ISIS would have such a strong social media presence.

“They can maximize faves as well as RTs — those are retweets,” Obama explained.

Mock tweets appeared on the screen with ISIS recruitment messages and popular hashtags, such as #TheVoiceIsBack and #ThankYouJeter.

Not letting the Secret Service off the hook, SNL took a swipe at the agency when an agent told Obama that a man with a sharpened screwdriver was waiting to see him.

Watch the skewering here:



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