Judge Jeanine rips Obama’s bumbling response to Ebola crisis: ‘Tell us the truth for once!’

Years of lies from the Obama administration are crashing down as the country confronts an Ebola crisis and Judge Jeanine Pirro sums up the American public’s attitude with one blistering demand:

judgejeanine1005“You don’t want us to panic?” Pirro said on Saturday’s “Opening Statement.” “How about, I don’t want us to die. Tell us the truth for once!”

In six-plus minutes dripping with sarcasm and anger, Pirro recapped the history of the Ebola situation so far, highlighting the stunning ineptitude that allowed a man from Liberia – a country so infamous for Ebola that African countries are restricting visitors from it – to enter the United States. Even after he became contagious, the man was allowed to remain at large — potentially infecting others with the deadly virus.

The continent of Africa is taking Ebola seriously, Pirro said. The United States under Barack Obama is not.

For centuries, countries have isolated potential disease carriers from abroad to keepn them from infecting their populations  (the word “quarantine” comes from the Black Death days, when plague was decimating Europe). It’s what countries with much closer geographic and cultural ties to West Africa are doing right now.

So why was a man from Liberia allowed to bring a deadly disease into the United States?

“No one — and I mean no one — should be allowed to enter the United States from any west African nation ravaged by Ebola,” Pirro said. “And any American citizen who goes there and wants to come home needs to be quarantined for 21 days until we figure out what we’re doing.”

If the Obama administration’s six years in office are any guide, it’s going to be a long while before that day comes.

And unfortunately, that’s the truth.

Check out Pirro’s “Opening Statement” here, via YouTube.

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