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A new low: Midterm election votes aimed at White House are at record high, Gallup reports

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In the 16 years the question has been asked, more Americans than ever are planning to use their vote in the upcoming midterm election vote to send a message to the man in the White House:

It’s not working.

That was the finding of latest Gallup poll that asks voters shortly before an off-year election how their votes are intended, as a sign of support for the sitting president or opposition to his policies.

obamaworried1005newGallup found nearly a third of American voters are sending a message of opposition to the president who was once hailed as the Second Coming of JFK, FDR and Lincoln put together.

Unfortunately for his fans, at this point, BHO is SOL.

Compared to only 20 percent of those who want to continue his policies – likely concentrated among people who are either too poorly informed about what those policies are (the low-information voter Dems thrive on) or are too rich to care – the percentage planning to cast their vote against the White House is the highest in 16 years.

It’s higher than when President Clinton was being impeached in 1998 (the message that year to the White House was one of support). It’s even higher than it was in 2006, when George W. Bush had been leading the country in a war Democrats – and the media – supported before they opposed it.

And it’s that high because the message is so clear: Republican opposition to the president has held steady, Gallup found. His support is dropping.

“A majority of Republican registered voters, 58 percent, say they will be sending a message of opposition to Obama with their vote this fall,” Gallup reported. “In contrast, 38 percent of Democratic voters say they will support the president. Rather than supporting Obama, most Democrats, 53 percent, say they will not be sending a message with their vote.

“Democrats are a bit less likely now (38 percent) than in 2010 (45 percent) to say they will be sending a message of support to Obama, while Republican opposition to the president is the same.”

Now, why would that be?

H/T: Washington Examiner


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