Dental tech sues Charlie Sheen after he allegedly goes insane with knife, sexually assaults her at office visit

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Actor Charlie Sheen stars in the TV sitcom “Anger Management,” but a dental technician is claiming he had trouble managing his own anger when he jumped out of a dental chair and sexually assaulted her.

“I’m going to f***ing kill you!” Sheen allegedly screamed as he ripped a nitrous oxide mask off, the woman alleged.

Not exactly “winning,” is it?

Margarita Palestino filed suit Friday against the actor, saying he went insane last week as she was about to administer nitrous oxide, according to the New York Daily News. In addition to threatening to kill her, Palestino said the actor grabbed her breast and tried to pull her bra off.

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Palestino said a dentist told her Sheen was high on crack cocaine when he arrived at the office. The technician also said he tried to stab a dentist with a knife before attacking a dental chair instead.

TMZ reported that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident.

Sheen’s personal assistant allegedly offered Palestino $500 on the way out, saying, “This is for your troubles.”

“Our client is the victim of heinous acts perpetrated by Charlie Sheen,” Neama Rahmani, an attorney representing Palestino, told the Daily News. “She will not be intimidated by Sheen or those who are attempting to cover up for him. We look forward to exposing the truth and vindicating her rights in court.”

“This is a ridiculous claim by an opportunist looking to make her 15 minutes of fame and my client is confident he will prevail in this absurd lawsuit,” said Marty Singer, an attorney representing Sheen.

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