‘American Sniper’ heart-pounding trailer ‘will haunt you’: THAT’S how you tease a movie, WOW

 “American Sniper” promises to be a blockbuster film right out of the gate.

The film, based on the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s bestselling autobiography and directed by Clint Eastwood, is scheduled for release in January, but anticipation has soared after the release of the first heart-pounding trailer.

Actor Bradley Cooper, who plays the well-known American sniper in the film, acquired rights to the story long before the tragic death of Kyle in 2013, according to Entertainment Weekly. 

 “His story first of all really needs to be told, and it’s also relevant on two fronts: gun control and the need to address the many soldiers who are coming back with PTSD,” Cooper said. “Medicine has evolved to such a state — soldiers are coming back and they’re going to assimilate into the culture and if we don’t address the mental state along with the physical state it’s going to be a problem.”

Watch the clip and check out the responses from Twitter fans:

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Michele Kirk


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