Woman denies tweet that tainted Michael Brown grand jury, blames hacked account

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A Missouri woman behind the Twitter account that sparked an investigation into possible juror misconduct from a member of the grand jury hearing evidence in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown is denying responsibility for the tweet that started it all.

According to CNN, the woman said she did not post the tweet in question and has not used her Twitter account in months, adding that it was “probably hacked.”

The tweet was deleted shortly after being posted Wednesday, but a writer for the far-left Daily Kos captured what he said was a screenshot of the message:

The name on the account is Susan M. Nichols, but CNN decided not to identify the woman who spoke to reporters. The woman said she thought the account had been deleted and said it has been hacked before.

“I didn’t care for it because I just don’t get the whole Twitter thing,” she told CNN.

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She also said she did not know anyone on the grand jury and contacted the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office looking into the issue, leaving a voicemail. 

“It [Twitter account] had to have been hacked,” she said. “I promise you I did not do any of this.”

If she did not do it, then who did? And why? Could it be an attempt by nefarious individuals to sabotage the grand jury ruling, should officer Darren Wilson not be charged? Hopefully, the investigation will continue.

Tom Tillison


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