NJ arrest prompts question; should it be legal to shoot a drone over your property?

A New Jersey man was arrested on charges that he fired at his neighbor’s remote control drone with a shotgun.

The incident happened last week, when a resident called the Lower Township Police Department claiming that his remote-control helicopter had been shot down, CBS reported. After picking up the drone, he found holes in it.

Authorities said the resident was using his remote control helicopter to take pictures of his friend’s home. While taking the aerial shots, the resident said he heard multiple gunshots and instantly lost control of the drone, according to CBS.

Police later arrested Russell J. Percenti, 32, on charges of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and criminal mischief and confiscated his gun.

Percenti has since been released.  Some Twitter users called his actions justified if the drone entered his personal property.

Hannah Bleau


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