Greta to Obama: Stop blaming Fox and lead – you sound absolutely childish!

President Obama gave Fox News more free publicity Thursday, with another immature crack mocking the network.

Host Greta Van Susteren found it “distressing,” but not because it was an insult aimed at her network.

“While good affordable health care might seem like a fanged threat to the freedom of the American people on Fox News, it turns out it’s working pretty well in the real world,” Obama said in a speech to the “next generation of leaders.”

“When leaders blame others, they sure don’t look like leaders, they look absolutely childish, “Van Susteren responded in her “Off the Record” segment.

While the “free promo” had zero negative impact on Fox, Van Susteren said, “That’s not the point.”

“We need the president to act presidential,” she said. “That means not blaming others or acting cool in front of a bunch of students by blaming Fox for whatever ails him or his administration. His audience today is the next generation of leaders and we want them to respect the office of the president, not see it as a platform to settle petty scores.”

It was just one crack, but “it shows we’re getting under his skin and he should be tougher than that,”she added.

“Skip the trash talk, it only diminishes the office of the president,” Van Susteren rightly concluded.

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Michele Kirk


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