Virgin Mary Barbie, Crucifixion Ken! Religious doll collection causes outrage to everyone but Muslims

Two Argentinian artists have drawn fire from several religious groups for their planned exhibition of Barbie and Ken dolls dressed as important men and women of faith. […]

Couple fights $13k fine for refusing to host lesbian wedding at home

Cynthia and Robert Gifford of Troy, NY, have appealed a $13,000 fine imposed after the state found them guilty of “sexual orientation discrimination.” A judge for the […]

Fans ‘LIVID!’ Actor in hot water for racy joke about Obama being like Ebola virus

It wasn’t made clear whether “Shameless” star Steve Howey is a closet conservative or just a rare breed of Hollywood actor with common sense and courage, but he […]

tom and jerry
Classic ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon carries a racism warning on Amazon now

“Tom and Jerry” reruns were a staple of Saturday morning cartoons in the days before cable, watched by millions of American kids — without a racial disclaimer. […]

Take a minute to see Jake Tapper’s unique, touching tribute to soldiers lost in deadly Afghan battle

On Twitter Friday, American journalist and author Jake Tapper remembered true heroes lost in one of the deadliest battles of the war in Afghanistan. To mark the five-year […]

Ignorant, corrupt ‘hillbilly’ deputy pulls driver over for flipping him off; driver fights back!

It may be considered rude, but we live in the United States of America where it is still legal to give hand gestures to people who make […]

Two illegals allowed to ride with president in limo from White House, Obama brags

President Obama bragged to Hispanics Thursday night that he rode over to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 37th Annual Awards Gala event with two illegal ‘DREAMERS.’ Despite his […]

Woman denies tweet that tainted Michael Brown grand jury, blames hacked account

A Missouri woman behind the Twitter account that sparked an investigation into possible juror misconduct from a member of the grand jury hearing evidence in the death […]

NJ arrest prompts question; should it be legal to shoot a drone over your property?

A New Jersey man was arrested on charges that he fired at his neighbor’s remote control drone with a shotgun. The incident happened last week, when a […]

Muslim woman with headscarf sues Abercrombie for not hiring her; Supreme Court agrees to hear case

The Supreme Court announced Thursday that it will determine if Abercrombie & Fitch discriminated against a Muslim woman by not hiring her because her headscarf violated the […]

‘There it is!’ Megyn Kelly leaves Jen Psaki dumbfounded in Perry Mason moment

Fox News host Megyn Kelly shot holes through the Obama administration’s primary excuse for not keeping some level of troops in Iraq, leaving State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki […]

greta O
Greta to Obama: Stop blaming Fox and lead – you sound absolutely childish!

President Obama gave Fox News more free publicity Thursday, with another immature crack mocking the network. Host Greta Van Susteren found it “distressing,” but not because it […]